Peter Toohey, MS, ATC, Director of Sports Medicine at the United States Olympic Committee (USOC)

“There will be a day, within five years, when Redcord suspension will be all over the country. People want a more holistic approach to health. With Redcord suspension, you’re using your body to fix your body. The US Olympic Committee knew when we first encountered this amazing functional training technique that we wanted to incorporate it into our training and rehabilitation programs. But we didn’t anticipate that Redcord suspension would change the way we work with our athletes!”

Stephen LaPlante, MS, PT, ATC, Team Leader of Rehabilitation at The Andrews Institute

“The majority of our patients get on the Redcord suspension system. We’ll use it on everyone from professional athletes to the elderly. We use it as an adjunct to other treatments, like manual techniques. If I’m moving a patient’s neck, for example, and they have pain every time, I can put them on Redcord suspension and move them for greater range of motion without pain. Within a week’s time, with many people, you can increase functionality. The results speak for themselves.”

Ben Shear, PGA Tour Trainer, Golf Digest Fitness Advisor, Host of “Golfers Edge” (Surius/XM PGA Tour Radio)

“Redcord suspension has become one on my most valuable tools in creating stability on my Tour Players swings.”

Todd Herriott, Former Professional Cyclist, Owner of Metier Racing

“I’m always interested in new ways to improve stability and ways my body can move. Redcord suspension took it to a new, and surprisingly fun, level of intensity and play.”

Mark Nemish, MS, CSCS, Strength and Conditioning Coach at the Washington Capitals NHL Hockey Team

“Training with Redcord suspension allows me flexibility, and it is overall a great complement to what we do with our players. I like to also use the Redcord AXIS to add rotational movements, variety to the programs, and additional high level challenges.

Russell Steves, PT, M.Ed, ATC, Coordinator of Physical Therapy at Princeton University Athletics

“Redcord suspension gets people better and gets them better faster than anything else I’ve done. This is an indispensable tool. For certain problems, Redcord suspension is absolutely the best tool.”

Allyson Cabot and Gabrielle Shrier, Owners of Core Conditioning Physical Therapy

“It has been our honor to represent Record USA in both education as well as patient services. The depth of knowledge including research as well as clinical evidence makes Redcord suspension a superior system and educational curriculum. It threads the continuum between rehabilitation to fitness as well as high level athletic training. It is one of the only movement methods which encourage solid communication between the health care practitioner and the fitness specialist. With the current ever evolving health care economics, more and more private practice owners are looking to find ways to enhance their profitability. The new ACTIVCORE model is the perfect addition for any clinic. It enables clinicians to most effectively assess and treat their patients with superior clinical outcomes, ensuring patient and therapist satisfaction. We have incorporated the NEURAC treatment method as well as Redcord suspension fitness training into our practice since 2007. We are seeing the fruition of being a pioneer in this system and now have noticed a significant rise in the numbers of physicians, patients, fitness enthusiasts and athletes who are seeking superior means in both rehabilitation and exercise training.”

Kate Mihevc Edwards, PT, DPT, OCS, Owner of Precision Performance and Physical Therapy

“If typical rehab or strengthening exercises don’t seem to be helping you it may be because you haven’t been tapping into the right systems. Strengthening with the use of suspension is a much more challenging way to re-train the muscles and coordination after injury. I have found Redcord NEURAC treatment to be a tremendous tool for evaluating and treating triathletes and runners. It allows me to address the entire kinetic chain and be creative based on their individual needs. The beauty of suspension training system, especially the Redcord suspension system, is that it is easily modifiable through slings and bungees to treat people of all abilities. By providing assistance to off-load body weight when initially learning or re-learning movement patterns individuals can come back from injury more quickly and possibly decrease further injury down the road. If you have been struggling with typical overuse injuries it may be time to try Redcord suspension training.”

Joseph Simon, PT, DPT, Founder of Private Practice Business Academy, and Owner of Manhattan Physical Therapy and Pain Center

“What makes Redcord suspension different is the simple fact that you can support a patient’s body without the help of another person. It’s almost like having an extra set of hands. PT hasn’t changed in a long time. Fitness hasn’t either. There’s rarely something that combines both. This is different. It’s absolutely different.”

Blair Green, PT, DPT, OCS, CPI, CSCS, Owner of One-on-One Physical Therapy

“With Redcord suspension, I have been able to get people better and keep them healthy. Redcord suspension has truly changed the way I practice physical therapy. For the first time I have been able to instruct my patients in pain-free exercise. People who are unable to perform traditional exercises due to pain are able to work on the Redcord suspension system. It is a complement to manual therapy and can be used with any patient population. They can easily transition from rehabilitation to a fitness program while still integrating the Redcord suspension apparatus.”

Tom Walters, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, Owner of Arthrokinetic Institute

“NEURAC and Redcord suspension have become a vital component of my treatment plan due to their unique ability to test and treat the entire biomechanical chain under closed chain demands. The ability to unload a patient’s body weight through bungee assistance allows the practitioner to objectively progress and regress exercises in order to appropriately challenge the neuromuscular system in a pain free state. This combination of factors has significantly improved my clinical outcomes.”

Jason Lomond, Occupational Therapist in Nova Scotia, Canada

“Just a note that Redcord suspension has been a fantastic addition to my clinic. It really fits with with modern pain science, produces great results and clients enjoy the process. And thanks Tyler for your ongoing support. I’m looking forward to continuing my education with Redcord suspension.”

Amanda Harris, MEd, Medical Exercise Specialist and Owner at Re-Kinect

“I have been using Redcord suspension as a staple in my post-rehab practice since 2012, and it has substantially improved the results I get with my clients. As a Medical Exercise Specialist, my clients are age 14-80. Many have been discharged from physical therapy with better function, but ongoing pain—especially in the low back or neck. In the early days of my practice, it could take me months of exercise programming to improve their function and pain. Now, in most cases, it takes me only weeks. Redcord suspension—not just the equipment, but the training, has revolutionized the way my associates and I look at the body and make programming decisions. The comprehensive courses have deepened and enhanced my understanding of the body’s response to pain, and what it takes to lead it back to healthy, pain-free movement. For this reason, Redcord suspension is a centerpiece of my practice and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who truly want the best results for their clients.”

Zeke Mostov, USA Cycling

“Before using Redcord suspension I struggled with lower back pain on long climbs and sustained time in the drops. In addition, I had numerous exercises from my physical therapist to help with glute strength that I would taper off of unintentionally because they where boring and non-engaging. What prompted me to write this blog was an absence of back pain during and after recent early season races (such as Pine Flat) and a recent visit to my physical therapist where I was told my increase in glute strength was fantastic and that they are now stronger then necessary. Redcord suspension has given me a way to strengthen my entire core and neuromuscular system while staying mentally engaged – something that is key as I search for more consistency with all aspects of my training.”

Robert Donatelli, PT, PhD, OCS, Founder at Modern Athletic Science

“I believe Redcord suspension is a very unique piece of equipment that will give me an advantage in the rehab market. I think Redcord suspension is the next step in spinal and extremity stabilization, strengthening and endurance exercises. The patients that I have used the Redcord suspension system with have been very impressed and have seen an improvement in strength within several sessions.”

Natalie Senese, MS, ATC, Princeton University Athletics

“Redcord suspension helps treat patients effectively in a shorter amount of time and we see results much quicker. This will help us spend more time taking care of more athletes as we have over 40 sports that we manage. Plus, Redcord suspension can apply to anyone, not just an athlete.”

Tiziano Marovino, PT, DPT, MPH, DAAPM, Vice President at Biogenesis Group

“This is why you need to understand true stabilization! I see this over and over: bodies just bracing instead of stabilizing for the load or movement you are asking it to perform. This is why I LOVE REDCORD SUSPENSION, you cannot cheat and use the global muscles, it teaches you so clearly because you can immediately feel it. This combined with Pilates puts so many pieces together as my clients are experiencing.”

Susan Gregus, Certified Pilates Instructor and Redcord Active Specialist at the LABS USA Triathlete Performance Center

“Game changer in therapy! Personally experienced excellent pre-hab and rehab for total hip replacement. As a Redcord Active provider, it provides me with a system that consistently changes my clients lives!”

Justin Grinius, Certified Pilates Instructor, Redcord Active Specialist, and Owner at Rebalanced San Francisco

“Redcord suspension in combination with Pilates allows you to learn how to recruit the proper muscles on the neurological level. The results are immediately felt. Redcord suspension together with Pilates is great for people recovering from injuries, active weekend warriors, and pro athletes alike: no matter what age or fitness level.”

Marlo Johnson, PT, DPT, Physical Therapist at the University of Michigan

“When I first heard about NEURAC and Redcord suspension, I was skeptical. It sounded too good to be true. But I have now become a firm believer and advocate for this system. I have used Redcord suspension with my clients to activate muscles and improve balance and core strength. No matter how weak the client, Redcord suspension can provide enough support to activate weak core and stabilizing muscles and increase the strength of those muscles in everyone; from older individuals, with little strength, to high performance athletes. The results exceeded my expectations when it came to relieving pain and increasing function.”